Hello Honey, Welcome!

We are glad you're here,

and here is why

We are a passionate team of creatives

connecting your personal passions

to the the business world.

Creating a space for you

to grow & thrive

sharing your creativity

with the world.

Hello Honey,

I'm Melissa Bloom

Creator of Hello Honey & Multiple Creatively Driven Successful Businesses

I wanted to introduce myself and let you know you are not alone, and I know first hand all of the struggles

of the creative mind and entrepreneurial spirt & that's why I wanted to create a program to help others like myself,

who was once stuck, get unstuck.

I want to give you the tools & confidence to share your passions, your gifts & your light with the world.

When I tell you I get it, I genuinely mean it. For a long time I was an overwhelmed, stressed about responsibility,

single mom of 3 wasting hours a day just taking all of the kids to school, that's not my idea of fun.

I worried, thinking to myself "WTH am I going to do?"

I was just making ends meet for a long time, all while trying to heal from the trauma

that had totally destroyed my self-confidence & self worth.

Not doing anything I was passionate about.

Not making a huge impact in the world.

Completely Uninspired.

My life felt like S**T to say the least, I felt stuck.

Still, there was a calling within myself to be my own boss and to create beautiful things along the way.

I wasn't just a mother, I wasn't just a worker bee.

I was & I am way MORE Than That

& I knew deep down that I didn't want to settle or be the status quo.

I craved a life full of passion, love & light mixed with tons of FUN.

Call me crazy - but I knew what I wanted deep down & without it I knew I would never feel good.

I wanted more than anything to be truly fulfilled & financially secure.


I had to make radical shifts, take huge risks, and most importantly mindfully put into practice

techniques that I learned in my relentless quest to,

just be
authentically me
with no apology -

feel good
doing it!

That changed the game for me & provided me a life of creative freedom & security.

I am so grateful for everything life has gifted me.

I have packed everything I have learned along the way into my agency, courses & my coaching.

I would love to share these gifts with you & have you join me inside.

Together We Can Level Up Your Creative Mind & Design the Life & Business of Your Wildest Dreams

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